Makita MAC5200 Review

An innovative and powerful air compressor

People who have always been thinking of a powerful compressor should buy Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor. It comprises of an inbuilt thermal overload so that the users are safe while working with this tool.

With its 3.0 horsepower motor, it is capable of working quicker comparatively. Due to its durability, it helps you in attaining productivity at work. It is completely protectedin its design as well as usage.It can even work smoothly even tougher conditions where other compressors stop functioning.

It has got a pump which is lubricated by oil and with its automotive filter gives space to air in a better way. It is constructed with iron that adds to its long lasting life. Makita Big bore compressor is noticeably very powerful because it is packed with a 5.2 gallon tank. The pump and motor are protected very finely with its roll cage mechanism.

makita mac 5200 big bore

Reliable features that make it perform speedily 

This Makita air compressor has attractive features which can make your task simpler to a greater extent. It is the most reliable compressor in today’s era. Considering the busy lives, this product comes in a package of high-end technological design. Let us discuss how has it been built and what are its common features!

  • It comes with an easy foldabledesign which makes it portable.
  • With the capacity of 50 feetair hose, it gives convenient utilization to the user.
  • It is available with the warranty of 1 year.
  • It has got the power of 3.0 horsepower.
  • This product has a storage compartment which is inbuilt.
  • The dimensions of this air compressor are 29″ long by 19.50 inches wide by 19 inchesin height
  • The operational power of the air compressor is that of 140 PSI which is ensured by its 5.2 gallon tank.
  • Easy storage and effective performance are guaranteed. 

Customers Reviews & Scores for Makita Mac5200 Air Compressor

This product can be purchased from the market for $349.00 and it is completely reliable. The big bore air compressor is designed in a way that it can perform excellently even if the conditions are not favorable. People who have bought this product consider it as a very valuable product. Moreover, they added that it is very convenient to use.

Some of them mentioned that with pleasing qualities, this 3.0 HP air compressor caters to their needs precisely. One user was extremely happy as this product is very quiet so it can perform without any disturbance in terms of noise. In all, you can buy this product for general purpose even if you are a fresh user of the Makita air compressor.

This revolutionary air compressor is a response to its heavier predecessors that made it difficult to work conveniently. This is an appropriate product for all those people who consider quality tools to be in their kit. It is recommended for general purpose so that the home is revisited within a matter of few minutes.