Saga LC10 LP Style Electric Guitar Kit Review

If you are looking for an electric guitar kit that includes everything you need to start enjoying yourself as you express yourself through music, you can get the Saga LC-10 LP style kit. This kit features an arch top basswood that has a maple top. Its neck is routed and shaped and its rosewood fingerboard is fretted. It also comes with a truss rod steel that is adjustable and heavy hardware that is nickel plated.

saga lc 10 lp

The LC10 LP guitar kit comes with everything needed to help you start playing guitar apart from an amplifier. If you have no guitar experience, you can get information about setting up guitars online. Some websites have good sets of instructions for building or setting up guitars. With this information, you can use the basic Saga parts to build a functional guitar that not only sounds great but also looks great.

This kit has all instructions and parts to build a guitar that is playable. The body of this guitar is arched on the top and has a single cutaway design created from select basswood and its maple top is flamed. It also features a black, classic white and white body binding that has a solid select maple neck containing a rosewood fingerboard. It also contains a peghead with a paddle head design. This kit also features an adjustable truss rod and all hardware is nickel plated. The electronics are ready to be installed and they do not need any soldering work. The holes in all the parts that you need to assemble are pre-drilled and come complete with electric cords and strings.


Features of LC10

  • Has all instructions and parts that allow you to build a guitar that is completely playable
  • An arched top body that is a single cutaway design that is made with select basswood
  • Every hole is pre-drilled
  • Comes complete with electric cord and strings


Dimensions: 3 x 19 x 29 inches

Weight: 11 Pounds

Model Number: LC-10



1.Easy to assemble

The Saga LC10 LP style electric guitar kit can be assembled in less than one hour. You do not require any prior guitar assembly expertise to assemble it. It comes with an easy to follow instruction set.

2. Convenient

Shopping for a guitar can be a time consuming experience. Not only do you have to deal with a long line of customers but also spend time trying few guitars before selecting one. And if you are a novice you would have no idea what you are buying. This guitar kit is delivered at your doorstep and you can make and tune the guitar as per your preference.

3. Saves time

You can assemble this electric guitar within thirty minutes to an hour. It is not necessary to use a primer or prepare the wood in any way since it comes when ready to paint. You do not need to have any guitar assembly expertise in order to assemble your own guitar from Saga. The wires all plugs into the guitar but you can choose to solder them if you wish.

What users love about the Saga LC10 LP Style Electric Guitar Kit?

Most users had an excellent experience with this kit. A common comment in most reviews is that this electric guitar kit is fun to use. Another thing that most users liked about it is that it is of good quality. This means that you will not go wrong when you choose to purchase this electric guitar kit if you want to build your own electric guitar. It is also great for teaching music students about how an electric guitar works.