Silvertone LB11 Bass Guitar and Amp Package, Sunburst

If you are planning on becoming all that you can be when it comes to music, the LB11 is the perfect companion. This Silvertone package is complete in every way and will provide all the necessary equipment to get you started. Having the right skills to play bass guitar is not enough to get you noticed. Getting your hands on the best gear you can find will really underline the qualities a musician needs to make it in this tough but beautiful business.

A great thing about the Silvertone LB11 is that it is included in the electric bass package. It will provide all the items that are essential for unlocking the secrets of low end tones. Leave the engineering up to professionals and take advantage of their knowledge. All you need to do is practice and enjoy a series of top end music devices.

Silvertone LB11

This guitar is perfect for beginners.  It is simple and fun to use, providing professional sounds without complicated settings and controls. It all comes down to the volume knob and the tone changer. Use those simple adjustments as you think fit and combine them with your talent. The results are going to be excellent.

Features of Silvertone LB11

  • The LB11 package is composed out of all the elements you need to get started as a musician. It is complete and delivers all necessary equipment saving you time and money.
  • The complete package contains:
  1. the BAXs bass amp
  2. the Silvertone digital tuner
  3. a very well put together instructional DVD
  4. a string set
  5. a nice gig bag
  6. the strap and an picks
  • the Sunburst LB11 is designed in such a way it will feel the most balanced instrument you have ever used
  • it comes with a warm resonance and a great tone
  • the BAXs bass amp comes with a 10-watt RMS power capability
  • the package includes a 6.5 inch speaker and a 4 band EQ


Weight: 51 pounds

Model number:SAK SSLB11PAK SB


1.      Complete

Having talent does not necessary mean you have the knowledge to choose all the right pieces that work with your instrument. A guitarist should worry about making music, not about things like what AMP to use or what kind of cable he needs. The LB11 solves all your problems by being included in a carefully designed package that can soothe all your needs as a musician.

2.      The BAXs AMP

A great guitar reaches its true potential when combined with the perfect AMP. The right amplifier will make the world of difference, this being the case for the LB11. It will take good care of your performance and never disappoint.

What people love about Silvertone LB11 Bass Guitar and Amp Package, Sunburst

Customers are very content with their choice. The price is excellent for what this product has to offer and the reviews are all positive. It is considered a perfect starter for those willing and wanting to learn the secrets of bass playing and can also represent a smooth transition instrument from acoustic. a