Williams Overture 88 Key Digital Piano Review

The Williams Overture 88 Key piano is a console style piano that features a full vanity and sliding key panel. It has a hammer-action keyboard with eighty eight notes, selectable touch response, sustenuto, sustain and soft pedals. It also has 15 main voices, 3 keyboard modes and 2-track recording.

The weighted keys of this piano perfectly mimic a conventional piano hammer action. The Overture 88 pianohas amazing sound and the headphones are clear. Its built-in speakers work efficiently. The sound produced by this piano is very close to that produced by an acoustic piano. Even though it can be described as being a little bit dull, the sound produced is beautiful. The buttons on this piano are discreet and it comes with a sliding cover that keeps toddlers from playing with the keys. This piano produced better quality sound when connected to an external speaker system using Line out RCA ports.



  • Dark wood grain finish
  • 64 notes
  • Synth strings, low strings
  • Jazz organ, church organ, rock organ
  • Metronome
  • Pedals: sustenuto, sustain, soft
  • Vibraphone, FM electric Piano, Electric Piano
  • Duet, layer and full keyboard modes
  • USB device port



Weight: 32 Pounds

Model Number: Overture



1.Can be easily connected to a computer

The Overture 88 comes with RCA jacks and is able to support audio sources like microphones and iPods among others. You can therefore use the speakers of this piano as an amplifier. It also has a USB port that you can use to connect it to your computer. It appears as a MIDI device on your PC and you do not need to install any drivers. You can choose to utilize Anvil Studio or Synthesia MIDI software to practice MIDI songs and record anything you play on any of the a hundred and twenty eight piano voices. You can download MIDI songs and play them through the sound module of the piano through your computer and practice them later.

2. Blends easily with home furniture

The Overture 88 pianois designed to sound and appear its best for many years of musical enjoyment. It features a dark wood grain finish that offers it a distinctive style and look to match different kinds of home décor. The design of pianos from Williams does not compromise on details and this is what you will hear as you sit at the keyboard of this piano.

3. Can be assembled easily

One of the biggest worries of piano owners is the transportation of the piano from the store to your house. But with the Williams Overture 88, you don’t have to worry as the piano comes disassembled and you can easily it at your home. So you don’t have to worry about it breaking into a million pieces while being transported to your house.


What users love about the Williams Overture 88 Key Digital Piano

Most users liked this piano because it is well designed and sturdy. Another quality that most users were happy about is the fact that it is a digital piano. It can be conveniently used to to record on a computer. Another appealing quality about the Overture 88 is that it does not take up a lot of space.